North Sumatra

North Sumatra, also known as North Sumatera (Indonesian: Sumatera Utara), is a province of Indonesia. It is located on the island of Sumatra, and its capital is Medan. North Sumatra is fourth most populous province in Indonesia after West Java, East Java and Central Java and the most populous Indonesian province outside Java, with over 13,5 million inhabitants in 2014.


In the days of the Dutch government, a government of North Sumatra named Gouvernement van Sumatera with the area covering the whole of the island of Sumatra, headed by a governor who is based in the city of Medan.

After independence, the first session of the National Committee of Regions (KND), Sumatra was then divided into three sub-provinces namely North Sumatra, Central Sumatra and South Sumatra. North Sumatra province itself is an amalgamation of three administrative regions called residency namely: Residency of Aceh, East SumatraResidency, and residency of Tapanuli.

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